Attractiveness that differentiates

The somewhat different consulting company with top class specialists in their field of expertise

Your partner to increase your market attractiveness


We would like to introduce you to Alma services – your best experience in the fields of strategy, transformation and regulatory consulting. Forget about long planning, concept and specification times without tangible results – just contact us, explain your challenge and we will help you shape your future.


Strategies that differentiate!

We help you to sharpen your strategic objectives, identify and test new approaches and prioritise the measures. In the field of strategy in addition to market-oriented strategy consulting, Alma also offers actuarial services. Together with you, we shape the future and help you to increase the market attractiveness of your organisation.



Digital transformation that moves!

Digital transformation is central to moving a company forward and keeping its finger on the pulse of the market. Even small changes can significantly improve the position and freedom of action in competition. As an implementation partner of Vlot, Alma offers you a structured transformation process in the field of digitalization to bring more customer contacts to your customer portal and increase their dwell time. With the Well-Being Score module, we increase the attractiveness of your customer portal and create better conditions for your consultants to close deals.


More clarity through prudent strategy!

Alma has broad market and industry knowledge as well as several years of FINMA supervisory experience. Based on this, we offer solutions and answers to regulatory questions. Through a prudent regulatory strategy, we support you in identifying issues relevant to the regulator and in taking action.